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  Published: 28/03/2018



The experiences that you have and the professionals you encounter during your house officer runs will influence your eventual choice of career. Some people are able to make their decisions early on the basis of these experiences, while for many others the decision is not so straightforward.

This website offers you a structured way of thinking about your options and your choice of specialty. You will gain some insights into who you are as a person and what you are looking for in a job or specialty.

You can take an online psychometric test and gather information on the many specialty options and their training pathways.

As is inevitable in a project of this scope, there are limitations in the extent of the coverage. For sheer logistical reasons not all specialties have been covered in this particular website. Undoubtedly there are areas that have not been conceived of yet: as many of the pages make clear, there is still plenty of scope for further exploration. We hope, however, that this website will give you a taste of what other people have done with their medical qualifications and provide you with some of the information necessary to make you own decisions.

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