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  Published: 28/03/2018


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A résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) (from Latin "the course of one's life or career")
Traditionally, résumés have been, like careers themselves, oriented towards what a person has accomplished thus far. Although the current trend is to construct a CV in a way that demonstrates how your past accomplishments are well matched to the training programme requirements. This type of CV is called a 'targeted résumé' or CV.
In designing your CV you have in most cases the freedom to decide on the layout and presentation of those personal details. However, in some instances you may be asked to add your personal details to a CV “template” provided by the employer / college. In which case although content is still up to you, the design and layout is not.
The skills you demonstrate on your CV are specific, or targeted, to a particular training programme. This format is very useful if you have been provided with a programme description, or better still, a 'person specification'.

CV Layout
Medical CVs are notoriously long because the character of the profession requires that you should list all your skills, courses, presentations, audits, research and publications. However, the aim of the CV is to provide a thorough summary which is succinct, easy to read and appropriate to the organisation and opportunity.

bulletIf possible, try to keep your CV to a maximum of 6-8 pages
bulletUse bullet points, not sentences. Interviewers will be able to pick out the essential information much more efficiently
bulletRemember to list all your skills, not just clinical. Your management and teaching experience is just as important
bulletNumber the pages to avoid confusion
bulletALWAYS check your CV for grammar and spelling
bulletUse self-confident language: action words with a strong impact
bulletUse the same font and sizing format throughout the CV

Suggested Medical CV content:

Personal details:
bulletFull name
bullet Postal address
bullet Contact phone number
bullet Contact email address
bullet Medical registration details

bulletNationality / residency status
bulletMarital status/children
bulletDate of birth
bulletTribal affiliations

bulletMedical school attended
bulletHigher degrees attained
bulletQualification received
bulletPrizes, awards and scholarships 

Employment: (hospital and research-based employment)
bulletList each job in reverse chronological order
bulletGive a good summary of each hospital you have worked in. Mention the strong points of the training you have received at each hospital. With a summary of the main responsibilities you undertook
bulletMention the level they were made at e.g. regional, national or international research
bulletMention whether they are completed or in progress
bulletMention whether they are refereed or non refereed
bulletIf you have pages of publications etc they may best be fitted into an appendix to the main document.

Achievements and interests:
bulletCultural and community awards

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