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  Published: 28/03/2018


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In all cases the objective of the interviewers is to select the most capable individual for the role. The actual interview varies in type e.g. panel vs one to one, formal vs informal, length and structure depending on the specialty.

Typical Interview questions:
bulletTell us about a time you were in a stressful situation or emergency situation. How did you distinguish the critical issues from the non-critical ones?
bulletHow do you balance work, home life and outside interests?
bulletGive an example of people you have related well to in your practice.
bulletHow will the runs you've done so far help you with your [specialty] training?
bulletWhat would you do if you didn't get on?

Body Language:
Approx 10% of communication is conveyed by the words we say, and although what you say is essential for communication to happen, what you do whilst you are saying it has a really powerful effect on the message that the other person receives.
Some Body Language Do's and Doníts:
DO Brisk, erect walk Confidence
  Smiling Open, friendliness
  Sitting with legs crossed Confidence
  Open palm Sincerity, openness, innocence
  Tilted head Interest
DON'T Arms crossed on chest Defensiveness
  Hands in pockets, shoulders hunched Dejection
  Hands clasped behind back Anger, frustration, apprehension
  Head resting in hand, eyes downcast Boredom
  Tapping or drumming fingers Impatience
  Patting/fondling hair Lack of self-confidence; insecurity
  Looking down, face turned away Disbelief
  Biting nails Insecurity, nervousness