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  Published: 28/03/2018





A physician is a specialist in the field of general medicine who diagnoses and manages the complex medical problems of adolescent and adult patients. Physicians may carry out various technical procedures to assist in the diagnosis or treatment of illness, and may develop an interest in a particular field of general medicine. Advanced training is available in several subspecialty areas including general general medicine itself.

General physicians have breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, making them ideally suited to providing high quality specialist services across a spectrum of health and illness that is not limited by the boundaries of medical subspecialties. They deal with colleagues in many disciplines including general practice, surgery and psychiatry.

Physician training Programme.  A presentation by Dr Jonathan Christiansen, Chair of the NZ Adult Medicine Education Committee talks about physician training, Dr Cheryl Johnson, Chair, Vocational Training Committee and Dr Cameron Sullivan, a registrar in the physician training programme.

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