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  Published: 28/03/2018





Emergency Medicine is an unique specialist field of medicine that deals with the care of patients requiring urgent medical attention.

The Emergency Medicine Specialist has the responsibility for managing all patients in the emergency department regardless of their underlying presentation, which can range from the mundane to the critically ill across all age ranges.

This variety of patients is one of the many aspects of Emergency Medicine that many junior doctors find attractive. Medical, surgical, paediatric, psychiatric and subspecialty patient presentations can all be seen during the same working day. Investigation, diagnosis and management of these patients is often done with limited information and may involve rapid life preserving decisions to be made despite a level of diagnostic uncertainty.

There is also the ability to sub-specialise within Emergency Medicine in many exciting fields such as toxicology, expedition medicine, hyperbaric medicine, retrieval and pre-hospital medicine.

Doctors who are well suited to Emergency Medicine tend to be good at multi-tasking, decision-making and work well within teams. They have good communication skills and cope well within stressful environments and situations. They enjoy variety within their workload and enjoy a good puzzle as many Emergency Medicine patients are not "clear cut" diagnostically. Finally, they must be able to cope with the demands of shift work as weekend and afterhours work is the norm for the Emergency Medicine Physician.

Anyone considering Emergency Medicine as career should feel free to contact any of the Directors of Training found on the contact page.

Emergency Medicine - RMO Careers Fair 2018

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