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  Published: 28/03/2018


Understanding You Psychometric Test Career Research



Consider the following questions...

bulletWhy did I choose medicine in the first place
bulletWhat are my interests, values and beliefs?
bulletWhat motivates me to do my best work?
bulletIn thinking about three or four accomplishments from the past, what has given me the greatest satisfaction?
bulletWhat are my strengths and limitations?
bulletWhat prevents me from getting what I want out of my working life?
bulletWhat are my strongest skills and which skills do I enjoy using?
bulletWhat kind of balance do I want to achieve in using these skills?
bulletWho do I consider to be my role model or mentor? Why?
bulletHow well does a particular speciality fit with who I think I am?

Career Exploration
bulletWhat geographical preferences or restrictions do I have?
bulletWhat type of work environment do I prefer to be in?
bulletWhat kind of relationship do I want to have with my patients?
bulletWhat sorts of colleagues do I want to work with?
bulletWhat style of work suits me best?
bulletWhat salary can I expect in this specialty or field?

bulletWhat kind of lifestyle do I expect as a doctor in the short or long term?
bulletWhat do I want to get out of my job and my career?
bulletWhat other goals do I have apart from career goals?
bulletWhat does 'success' mean to me? How will I know when Iíve achieved it?

These are important questions to ask yourself and the answers are obviously going to be different for everyone and will depend on the relative importance / priority of each question as it affects you.  Think about and prioritise your answers into what is most important to you now and what you think may be important to you in the future. There are techniques for doing this and the best selling book "What Color Is Your Parachute"  by Richard Bolles is recommended for further reading  and will provide information and guidance on how to prioritise some of these important questions and answers.